Posted by: shrikantmantri | February 13, 2010 A web portal for Plant Metabolomics Experiments. A web portal for Plant Metabolomics Experiments.

Publication Date: 2010 Feb 10 PMID: 20147492
Authors: Bais, P. – Moon, S. M. – He, K. – Leitao, R. – Dreher, K. – Walk, T. – Sucaet, Y. – Barkan, L. – Wohlgemuth, G. – Roth, M. R. – Wurtele, E. S. – Dixon, P. – Fiehn, O. – Lange, B. M. – Shulaev, V. – Sumner, L. W. – Welti, R. – Nikolau, B. J. – Rhee, S. Y. – Dickerson, J. A.
Journal: Plant Physiol (PM) is a web portal and database for exploring, visualizing and downloading plant metabolomics data. Widespread public access to well-annotated metabolomics datasets is essential for establishing metabolomics as a functional genomics tool. PM integrates metabolomics data generated from different analytical platforms from multiple laboratories along with the key visualization tools such as ratio and error plots. Visualization tools can quickly show how one condition compares to another and which analytical platforms show the largest changes. The database tries to capture a complete annotation of the experiment metadata along with the metabolite abundance data based on the evolving Metabolomics Standards Initiative (MSI). PM can be used as a platform for deriving hypotheses by enabling metabolomic comparisons between genetically unique Arabidopsis thaliana populations subjected to different environmental conditions. Each metabolite is linked to relevant experimental data and information from various annotation databases. The portal also provides detailed protocols and tutorials on conducting plant metabolomics experiments to promote metabolomics in the community. PM currently houses Arabidopsis metabolomics data generated by a consortium of laboratories utilizing metabolomics to help elucidate the functions of uncharacterized genes. PM is publicly available at

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