Posted by: shrikantmantri | January 25, 2010

Population genetics of genome-scale sequence variation.

via Genome Research on 1/14/10

Publication Date: 2010 Jan 12 PMID: 20067940
Authors: Pool, J. – Hellmann, I. – Jensen, J. – Nielsen, R.
Journal: Genome Res

Population genetics has evolved from a theory-driven field with little empirical data into a data-driven discipline in which genome-scale data sets test the limits of available models and computational analysis methods. In humans and a few model organisms, analyses of whole genome sequence polymorphism data are currently underway. And in light of the falling costs of next-generation sequencing technologies, such studies will soon become common in many other organisms as well. In this article, we assess the challenges to analyzing whole genome sequence polymorphism data, and we discuss the potential of this data to yield new insights concerning population history and the genomic prevalence of natural selection.

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