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NetPath: a public resource of curated signal transduction pathways.

via Genome Biology on 1/14/10

Publication Date: 2010 Jan 12 PMID: 20067622
Authors: Kandasamy, K. – Mohan, S. – Raju, R. – Keerthikumar, S. – Kumar, G. S. – Venugopal, A. K. – Telikicherla, D. – Navarro, D. J. – Mathivanan, S. – Pecquet, C. – Gollapudi, S. K. – Tattikota, S. G. – Mohan, S. – Padhukasahasram, H. – Subbannayya, Y. – Goel, R. – Jacob, H. K. – Zhong, J. – Sekhar, R. – Nanjappa, V. – Balakrishnan, L. – Subbaiah, R. – Ramachandra, Y. L. – Rahiman, A. – Keshava Prasad, T. S. – Lin, J. X. – Houtman, J. C. – Desiderio, S. – Renauld, J. C. – Constantinescu, S. – Ohara, O. – Hirano, T. – Kubo, M. – Singh, S. – Khatri, P. – Draghici, S. – Bader, G. D. – Sander, C. – Leonard, W. J. – Pandey, A.
Journal: Genome Biol

ABSTRACT: We have developed NetPath as a resource of curated human signaling pathways. As an initial step, NetPath provides detailed maps of a number of immune signaling pathways, which include ~1,600 reactions annotated from the literature and more than 2,800 instances of transcriptionally-regulated genes – all linked to over 5,500 published articles. We anticipate NetPath to become a consolidated resource for human signaling pathways that should enable systems biology approaches.

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