Posted by: shrikantmantri | January 18, 2010

Unlocking the Arabidopsis epigenome.

Epigenetics. 2009 Nov 18;4(8). [Epub ahead of print]

Unlocking the Arabidopsis epigenome.

Reinders J, Paszkowski J.

Department of Plant Biology, University of Geneva, Sciences III, Geneva, Switzerland.

The patterns of DNA methylation, referred to as the "methylome", must be faithfully propagated for proper development of plants and mammals.(1-4) However, it has been unclear to which extent transgenerational epigenetic inheritance will be affected after DNA methylation distribution has been altered. Recently, three reports have addressed this issue in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.(5-7) Here we revisit the results of these experiments addressing the stability of epigenetic inheritance within two populations of epigenetic recombinant inbred lines (epiRILs), in which mosaic epigenomes were subjected to inbreeding for multiple generations. The manner in which the epigenetic variation was induced differed between the two populations, one by adversely affecting chromatin remodeling and the second by impairing the maintenance of DNA methylation, yet the comparison of the results provides a broader view of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance that may find parallels in other organisms.

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