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CORUM: the comprehensive resource of mammalian protein complexes–2009.

via Nucleic Acids Research on 11/4/09

Publication Date: 2009 Nov 1 PMID: 19884131
Authors: Ruepp, A. – Waegele, B. – Lechner, M. – Brauner, B. – Dunger-Kaltenbach, I. – Fobo, G. – Frishman, G. – Montrone, C. – Mewes, H. W.
Journal: Nucleic Acids Res

CORUM is a database that provides a manually curated repository of experimentally characterized protein complexes from mammalian organisms, mainly human (64%), mouse (16%) and rat (12%). Protein complexes are key molecular entities that integrate multiple gene products to perform cellular functions. The new CORUM 2.0 release encompasses 2837 protein complexes offering the largest and most comprehensive publicly available dataset of mammalian protein complexes. The CORUM dataset is built from 3198 different genes, representing approximately 16% of the protein coding genes in humans. Each protein complex is described by a protein complex name, subunit composition, function as well as the literature reference that characterizes the respective protein complex. Recent developments include mapping of functional annotation to Gene Ontology terms as well as cross-references to Entrez Gene identifiers. In addition, a ‘Phylogenetic Conservation’ analysis tool was implemented that analyses the potential occurrence of orthologous protein complex subunits in mammals and other selected groups of organisms. This allows one to predict the occurrence of protein complexes in different phylogenetic groups. CORUM is freely accessible at (<a href="<br />
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