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Bioproduction of resveratrol and stilbene derivatives by plant cells and microbs

via Trends in biotechnology on 10/31/09

Publication Date: 2009 Oct 27 PMID: 19875185
Authors: Donnez, D. – Jeandet, P. – Clement, C. – Courot, E.
Journal: Trends Biotechnol

Trans-resveratrol is a phenolic plant compound that has been recognized for its benefits on human health. Currently, increasing demand for trans-resveratrol for nutraceutical, cosmetic, and putatively pharmaceutic uses makes its production from sustainable sourcing a necessity. In this context, the use of biotechnology through recombinant microorganisms and plant cell suspensions is particularly promising because it represents a reliable alternative method of trans-resveratrol production under controlled conditions. Tailoring yeast or bacteria with genes that encode enzymes of the trans-resveratrol pathway and further elicitation of plant-cell metabolism might represent powerful strategies for increased trans-resveratrol bioproduction. This review aims at describing and comparing these different available methods, with a focus on their respective advantages, limits and perspectives as a basis for scale-up in large culture volumes.

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