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Speech is a mirror of the soul

via Subhashita Manjari by Aham brahmāsmi on 10/18/09

केयूरा न विभूषयन्ति पुरुषं हारा न चन्द्रोज्ज्वलाः
न स्नानं न विलेपनं न कुसुमं नालंकृता मूर्धजाः ।
वाण्येका समलंकरोति पुरुषं या संस्कृता धार्यते
क्षीयन्ते खलू भूषणानि सततं वाग्भूषणं भूषणं ॥

– भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतकम्

Armlets do not beautify a person, nor do garlands glowing like a moon, nor does bathing, nor perfumes, nor flowers, nor decorated hair. The only ornament of a person is the quality of his speech if it is refined. All other adornments perish, but the ornament of eloquence abides forever.

“Language clothes the thought”
“Speech is a mirror of the soul. As a man speaks, so he is.”
“Brevity is the soul of wit”

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