Posted by: shrikantmantri | September 27, 2009

Botanic gardens science for conservation and global change.

Botanic gardens science for conservation and global change.

Publication Date: 2009 Sep 19 PMID: 19773195
Authors: Donaldson, J. S.
Journal: Trends Plant Sci

The contributions of botanic gardens to conservation biology and global-change research need to be understood within the context of the traditional strengths of such gardens in herbarium collections, living collections and interactions with the public. Here, I propose that research in conservation planning, modelling species responses to climate change, conservation of threatened species and experimental tests of global change build on the core strengths of botanic gardens. However, there are limits to what can be achieved through traditional gardens-based programs, and some botanic gardens have adapted their research to include studies of threatening processes and to monitor and verify global-change impacts. There is an opportunity for botanic gardens to use their living collections more effectively in global-change research and for them to have a role in linking biodiversity conservation with benefits derived from ecosystem services.


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