Posted by: shrikantmantri | November 1, 2008

Morning Blog…United 93,Aneuplod cell targeting,Genius awards

Today mrng it started with a very shocking movie on HBO.It was about 9/11 attack,named United 93.
It was a heroic story of American citizens who boarded flight United 93 and prevented the hijacker reaching their destination.
They all lost their lives in the course.This was the second movie in my list showing AirCraft accident (first was CAST AWAY).
Now all this creating a fear in my mind about flying.I hope all statistics keeps me motivated on my next flight.

Then comes the News from the Temple of Innovation,Discovery,Science and Technology…The MIT…
Its about putting new drugs in pipeline for cancer.This time they targeted aneuploidy.”The aneuploid cells all divided very slowly, grew too large and displayed other metabolic changes that indicate the cells are under stress and need extra energy to cope with protein imbalances produced by aneuploidy.”

“Now we can look for compounds that specifically kill aneuploid cells, or look for genes that when you knock them down, kill aneuploid cells,” said Angelika Amon, professor of biology and senior author of a paper describing the work in the Oct. 31 issue of Science
(Looking forward to read full paper).One of the co-authors from this paper is Vineet Prabhu, a graduate student in biology;(is he from India).Let me check if i can trace the story in details.

Coming more in NIH Bioinformatics Grants….


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